Our Value

Since 2012, the association Potential 3.0,  aims to develop humanitarian methodologies of interventions whose effects are lasting for sustained populations. Building on new technologies (Drones, 3D printer, innovative economic and social models) the operating conditions will be realize with the local communities and not just for them, apart from all deviant system.


Strong logical  implemented aimed autonomy and freedom of individuals and not their dependence. It is in this sense that development of action will be with them.




All project methodologies developed are part of the fulfillment of economic and environmental changes in the coming decades:


  • Strengthen the capacity of OSM community /local community by using aerial images (UAVs) and other equipment adapted during mapping party (invitation of several people to develop a map)

  • Use and extend the OSM data for risk prevention and development, including partnerships.

  • Develop and optimize the opportunities offered by Maker Spaces / fab lab / collaborative platforms in Haiti to promote the integration of young people / disadvantaged children

  • Train and organize events for a better land management at Community level, using open source and open data tool.

  • Collect information through this drone unit

  • Analyze information collected in the field.

  • Disseminate and inform the public of the results.

  • Support the development of collective and individual social skills in large areas of social and economic difficulties.